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Susanna Booth BSc

Author and freelance recipe writer


With sugar now increasingly blamed for a variety of health issues, Susanna has used her knowledge of chemistry to develop delicious recipes for cakes, desserts and snacks that make the most of the natural sugars in fruit, vegetables and other whole foods. Red velvet cake, strawberry parfait and Swedish cherry buns are just some of the mouthwatering recipes on offer.

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Sensationally Sugar Free (2016)


Susanna realised that good results can be hard to achieve when using gluten-free flours. So she decided to use her science knowledge to get the absolute best from familiar ingredients. Her simple, yet unusual methods eliminate grittiness and crumbliness and produce eg. airy muffins, moreish cinnamon buns and a devastatingly moist and delicious steamed sticky toffee pudding.

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Gloriously Gluten Free (2015)


Featuring a somewhat limited number of recipes (including 'Lemon Drink' and 'Chocolate Cake') Cook Book was Susanna's first title.

As yet unpublished, it nonetheless has a special place on her bookshelf!

Cook Book (1983)