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Susanna Booth BSc

Author and freelance recipe writer

PHOTO: Matt Wreford


Susanna Booth is a cookery writer who specialises

in adapting some of our favourite recipes into their 'free-from' equivalents - making it easier for

families and friends to get together and enjoy the same meal. She has published several cookbooks, including Simply Gluten Free and Simply Sugar Free.





Pictured above: vegan and gluten-free fruit tartlets






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Pistachio kulfi


Pistachio kulfi from Simply Sugar Free. It's super simple, just blend together 75g shelled pistachios soaked for four hours in 4 tbsp water, 375ml evaporated milk, 125ml whipping cream and 1.5tbsp stevia powder. Freeze in dariole moulds or plastic drinking cups, turn out and enjoy!

Super salad


This salad came to me in a moment of fridge-based-leftover inspiration, but I just love its bright colours. Simply throw together chopped cooked beetroot, supersweet peppers, Parma ham, mozzarella, rocket, baby tomatoes and pumpkin seeds, add some sunshine and serve!

Dairy-free strawberry meringue


This possibly the world's best meringue.. the kind with that marshmallowy and chewy centre and crumbly outside. This is suitable for both gluten-free and/or dairy-free diets.. More...