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Susanna Booth BSc

Author and freelance recipe writer

PHOTO: Matt Wreford


Susanna Booth is a cookery writer who specialises

in adapting some of our favourite recipes into their 'free-from' equivalents - making it easier for

families and friends to get together and enjoy the same meal. Her latest book, Sensationally Sugar Free, has cut out as much sugar as possible.






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Pistachio kulfi


Pistachio kulfi from Sensationally Sugar Free. It's super simple, just blend together 75g shelled pistachios soaked for four hours in 4 tbsp water, 375ml evaporated milk, 125ml whipping cream and 1.5tbsp stevia powder. Freeze in dariole moulds or plastic drinking cups, turn out and enjoy!

Dairy-free, gluten-free toad in the hole


There's no need to miss out on toad in the hole if you can't have dairy or gluten – with my version of this British classic. More...

Cream cheese & apple twists


From Sensationally Sugar Free, these low-sugar treats are a great alternative to standard Danish pastries. More...

Tomato and Basil Soup


This is a delicious vegan and dairy-free tomato and basil soup. More...